suggestions - Mkey business model

Если Вы чем-то можете и хотите помочь развитию программы, то Вам сюда
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suggestions - Mkey business model

Сообщение uzzer » 12 май 2013, 22:04

Mkey rocks, it' one of the greatest pieces of software I've ever used. This is why I would like to give something back. I recommend the program whenever and wherever possible and I would also like to give two suggestions for business models for the future development of the program:

a) on your web site and in the "about" section place ads for ergonomic input devices (ergonomic keyboards and/ or mice). What is the rationale? Mkey helps mouse less and type less - which is a life saviour for RSI sufferers (like myself) and RSI sufferers are the main target audience for such ergonomic ware;

b) bundle Mkey with multimedia keyboards/ ergonomic keyboards/ keypads (such as or for a fee by the keypad manufacturers or propose them to develop custom solutions for them;

c) implement a "invest into your wish" model like the one described here: ... _on_demand